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BJJ Back Take from Top Side Control

Here’s another back take—this time from side control. Typically, we don’t take the back from side control because we don’t have access to an exposed shoulder, which is, generally, needed for a back take. But, we certainly don’t want to just wait around for people to give us things, so we take them! 🥋

Here pressure Brandan with my shoulder while in side control, which will usually result in him trying to escape side control. As he uses his arm to push me away to create space, I bring my chest over his arm, thus pinning it between us. He’s exposed his back/shoulder for me during his attempt to escape, so I slide my knee closest to his legs across his stomach, behind him, near his bottom shoulder. From here, I pull him upright and spin underneath him as I pull him to the opposite side. NOTE: Do not pull them ON TOP OF YOU! This will generally result in your opponent turning into you and ending up on top in your guard. You want to make sure you sit your opponent up and swing him/her to the opposite hip, ensuring you have a good position to begin to attack your choke. 🥋

You’ll also notice that the last time you see this on the video before I begin the explanation, I am starting from knee-on-belly, as opposed to side control. I did this to show you that this back take could be used in either situation.

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