• santinodefranco

Rolling BJJ Back Take

Here is another back take from the far side head and arm. This is a great way to break your opponents posture down when he/she has a good base, and you can’t lift them up. The key to making this technique work is to make your opponent do the work for you. This is less about you pulling your opponent over with you and more about having your opponent want to jump because there’s so much pressure on the neck. 🥋

The way to ensure neck pressure is to squeeze the arm around your opponent’s neck (if your far-side is correct, your opp should feel like he is being choked on one side of his neck), and drive your shoulder into his neck, forcing his head toward his groin. If you have a tight head and arm, and can put pressure on his head, you should be successful. 🥋

A few other tips: try to get the same hook in as the arm around your opp’s neck. We always want to choke with our bottom arm, and we want the same hook in to keep your opp in place. 🥋

Happy choking!

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