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Santino's World of MMA Podcast: Covid fights recap, is McGregor a GOAT?, and bet locks for Sat's UFC

Don't miss this episode with Kamuela and Santino--it may be the very best episode yet. The dynamic duo talk about the UFC fights in Jacksonville, and all of the controversial stoppages (and non-stoppages) as well as the judging and how the dynamic of fight-week was completely different due to the Covid pandemic and the lack of crowd. 

Santino was there cornering two fighters, and he gives an inside look into the "new normal" for UFC fights for the foreseeable future. 

They then give their picks for the all-time p4p MMA GOAT due to the tornado Conor Mcgregor stirred up on twitter recently with his GOAT pics. 

After that, Santino gives his betting pics for the upcoming card (he's 9-2 over the last week of fights and is on a $ making roll!). 

If you love MMA, and want an inside perspective from a multiple time world champion coach (who trains a lot of the world's top fighters), you've come to the right place.



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