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UFC's newest star, Tracy Cortez, comes on Santino's World of MMA Podcast!

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On the latest episode of Santino’s World of MMA, Tracy Cortez came in to discuss her UFC debut, and so much more with Kamuela and myself.

I’ve trained Tracy since she was an amateur, so I know a lot about her that others don’t, and I wanted to let people get to know her a bit outside of how she’s portrayed by the UFC and media. Now, don’t get me wrong, the media paints Tracy in a great light, but they always bring up her tragic past—in short, her brother and mother both passed away from cancer, while Tracy was still young.

I wanted to have Tracy on the podcast so people got to know HER, not her past. Her family’s story has been discussed when Tracy fought for Invicta, when she fought for Dana White’s looking for a fight, and when she fought for The Contender Series and the UFC. People have heard that. What people haven’t heard is how she doesn’t know how the scoring in MMA works, and how, after her UFC debut in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she didn’t know if she won or lost until they raised her hand because she didn’t know how the score cards work! But that no longer surprises me, as I found out she doesn’t even know her MMA record or any of her opponent’s names, except for the woman who handed Tracy her lone defeat, Cheri Muraski.

In the podcast, Tracy talks about the nerves she had before the fight and how adrenaline was getting to her and how the Brazilian crowd was yelling, “Kill Her” (about Tracy) during the fight. I forgot to mention during the podcast, though, that while I was cornering her, anytime I would yell instructions to Tracy, the Brazilian crowd behind me would drown me out with chants of “Kill her” and I’d have to repeat my instructions as soon as the chants faded away.

We then move on to talking about Tracy’s life outside of MMA and how she spends her time. And then we get into how she created a social media empire before she ever stepped foot into the UFC Octagon--that social media empire even pays her good money through athletic sponsorships.

Any fighter (or anyone looking to grow their social media following) should take note and follow Tracy’s lead. The day of her debut fight in Brazil, I looked at her Instagram account and she had over 100K Instagram followers—she gained over 25K the day following her fight. While talking with Kamuela and me, she outlines her posting schedule and some details that she uses to gain followers and interact with fans.

This episode of Santino’s World of MMA was fun! People get to see Tracy how she is in real life—away from the lens of media. Take a listen or watch!

We even finish with a short Q and A from some of her Twitter fans—and one questions stumps us all!

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